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The  cause  of  disease and  the  treatment: (NEWSTART)

My prayer is that you will receive abundant grace from God.

Let us read Matthew 11:28.

“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

I wish that you would have real peace in your heart by the grace of God. Today our topic is the cause of disease and the treatment. Everything that happens in our life has a cause. For instance, when you burn something in your furnace, smoke will come out of your chimney. If you do not have a fire in the furnace then there won’t be any smoke. All things happen because there is a cause.

If that is so, wouldn’t you think that illness also has a cause? For instance, we know there are many diseases such as dysentery, tuberculosis, cholera, and typhoid to name a few, that are caused by bacteria (germs). If these germs come into your body and spread over you then you will get sick. Many times we’ve had epidemics of these diseases. So we call these diseases micro-organic diseases.

But now we have other forms of disease such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, cerebral vascular accident, and liver cirrhosis.

Do the microorganisms cause these diseases? Is there such a thing as a diabetic germ, or a hypertension germ or a cancer germ?

There is a cancer cell but no cancer germ. Then what could be the cause of these diseases? It could be pollution. Too many poisonous substances are accumulated in our body, so our body is not clean any more. We also can call it circulatory disease because some diseases are caused by dirty blood.

These diseases have different causes than the diseases we have had in the past. The micro-organic diseases were treated by an injection or medicine. Hypertension, cancer, stroke and liver cirrhosis are widely prevalent diseases these days and the treatment of them is different than before. How do we treat these diseases? Cleansing our body might be the answer. Usually there are 3 different reasons why our body gets polluted:

1st: Overeating.

What is considered overeating? As it says,  you are eating much more than the required amount. Foods such as coffee, tobacco, alcohol, and instant foods, or eating too much meat and junk food are all considered overeating.

Eating in between meals or a heavy night meal instead of something light before going to bed also is considered overeating. Our body gets poisoned when we overeat.

2nd : Accumulation of poison causes stress.

This is a mentalproblem like tension, anger, depression, sorrowful feelings, and hate. All these things are causes of poison in our body.

3rd: Overworking is another reason for disease. Physical and mental stress, overwork without taking a rest. This is another reason we accumulate poisons in our body.

First of all let’s think about overeating. The main cause for illness is cholesterol. What is cholesterol? There are two types of oil. There are unsaturated oil and saturated oil. Unsaturated oils are mostly in a liquid form like sesame seed oil and perilla seed oil. The saturated fat won’t melt under 70-80° C and these are mostly animal fats. For instance, if the saturated fat accumulates in our blood vessels what kind of illnesses will we develop?

Especially the three-ply pork has lots of fat in it and when we eat this kind of fat on a regular basis it will create problems. Our body does not boil but it keeps its temperature at 36° Celsius. When we eat these fatty foods, they won’t melt unless our body temperature goes over to 70-80° Celsius. So the fat will be accumulated in our blood vessel walls and eventually it will clog our blood vessels.

If meat is your main diet, then you may not see the result right away, but maybe the effect will happen in a year or two. But as time passes over 10 years the problems will start to occur. Of course stress could add to the problem.

As the fat accumulates inside of your vessels, the inner wall gets narrower and it restricts the blood flow and causes the blood pressure to go up. That is called hypertension. Our vessels are supposed to have elasticity, but  when fat accumulates around the vessel it hardens and it is called arteriosclerosis. Most of the cause of arteriosclerosis is cholesterol, which cannot be absorbed into the system and it just accumulates inside the vessels.

When the saturated fat gets accumulated in our brain it will cause another problem. There are many fine vessels in our brain and inside these vessels there are many red blood cells. Because of meat eating our vessels get narrowed down and the red blood cells cannot pass through these fine brain vessels.

When you eat too much fatty food your blood flow gets sluggish and later on it will clog the vessel. This condition is called thrombosis. For instance if the patty is made out of chives, it is called a chive patty, and if it is made out of squash, it is called a squash patty, and if our red blood cells are clogged and become sluggish then it is called a blood clot. It will stick together like a blood patty and this thick blood will not get through. When one has hypertension these patients cannot get enough oxygen supplied to their brains so they feel dizzy and can have headaches.

When one has this condition and they are scared or they get too excited, then all of a sudden the blood pressure increases and the blood vessels will rupture. The blood will then diffuse into the brain cells and this is called a cerebral hemorrhage. If this occurs in the central part of the brain, it will bring sudden death. And if it happens further away then either cerebral paralysis or a brain impairment called a stroke will result.

We could not move our arms and legs even though there was no accident involved. We then need to find out if our brain, the central nerve system, is the cause of the problem. So even though our brain tries to signal to move our extremities, they are not responding.  It is like hypertension patients are living with a time bomb in them as they don’t know when the stroke will occur.

Let’s study diabetes. Our body is made up of many living cells, and each of these cells has a door. The vessels are passing through these cells. All  the starchy foods like bread and sweet potatoes will turn into glucose when they are digested. The small intestine absorbs glucose and through the vessels it reaches the cells. When we breathe, we take in oxygen and it also gets into the cells to be burned.

When glucose and oxygen meet they produces energy as they burn. With that energy we have the strength so we can work in our garden and also talk. A car uses gasoline to move but we use glucose as a source of energy to live.

If we are constantly eating meat products the saturated fat will cause the cell doors to be glued together and the glucose will have a difficult time getting into the cell. The result of this is the blood glucose level rises, because the glucose couldn’t get into the cell and must remain in the blood circulation.

When the blood glucose level rises up to 400 mg per dl, it may put that person in a coma. So our body will find a different route to eliminate the excess glucose through the kidneys and excrete it in the urine. The name of this disease is diabetes. As we study more, we can tell the names are different but the causes are mostly cholesterol. And these days we hear that free radicals are bad for us and they pollute our body.

Let’s study heart disease. For our heart to run constantly, it needs a constant blood supply. There are three main blood vessels in the heart wall and these are the coronary arteries. You might have heard this already. When  saturated fat accumulates in the coronary arteries we can have a big problem.

When just one vessel is blocked we may still have a normal blood flow, but as the blockage gets worse, then a heart attack can happen at any time. These days medical technology is very advanced. To do an angiogram, a guide wire is inserted through the femoral vein (groin area) and it scrapes off the vessel walls or enlarges it so that blood can continue to flow. This is also caused by cholesterol. 

Let’s talk about liver cirrhosis. This is a condition where the liver hardens like a rock. Why does the liver become hardened?

The average person needs  about 2,000 calories per day, but if one consumes, let’s say, an additional 1,000 calories, then the excess energy will have to be stored away. Where would the excess be stored?  

Well, carbohydrate has 4Kcal per 1g, as does protein, but fat contains 9Kcal per 1g. Thus, it is most effective for the body to store the excess in the form of fat.

Excess glucose in the blood is  converted to fat by the liver and is stored in the abdominal &  hip regions. It is reserved for times of fasting.  But if there is not enough room for this extra fat, then it will be stored in the liver, in the heart and in many other places. When the heart needs to pump, the fat interferes with its movement. To illustrate, it is like a runner, running 100 miles, while clothed in a thick winter coat.

And what about cancer? Cancer has been described as the crazy protein. Instead of following the instructions from our brain, it grows at any time and divides whenever it wants to. The development of cancer is due to two main reasons.

The body attempts to eliminate unhealthful food substances and food chemicals such as, additives, preservatives and colorings-but it can become overwhelmed.  The body then succumbs to the overload and stores away these pollutants.  This leads to problems in the liver, stomach, joints, etc.  Our cells go haywire when the body cannot properly deal with such substances.   

Stress is the other major cause of cancer. Meat eating does not always lead to cancer, yet meat eating is still not recommended.

When the effects of carcinogens and stress are combined, our body’s cells can turn cancerous. 

As mentioned previously, two of the causes of disease are overeating and overworking.  Thus, to achieve a healthy state of being, we must be temperate.  Optimal health can be also achieved through cleansing the body and ridding it of accumulated toxins.  A healthful way of life is obtainable through a program called,


How is health defined? Inside the body, there are three elements that are constantly circulating. The first element is oxygen. Air is inhaled into the lungs and then exhaled out of the lungs.  The second circulating element is blood.  The circulatory system moves life giving blood throughout the entire body. And the third element in circulation is nutrition. Nutritional substances are absorbed into the body and are then excreted, as necessary. That is termed metabolism.

Whatever prevents the free flow of these elements can cause health problems. When these systems are functioning well, then we are well. “NEWSTART” aids in  the maintenance of these systems. Being thin or obese, tall or short, is not the standard of health. 

There are circulating elements that exist upon planet earth, as well:  Air, water and energy.  These three elements preserve presence of life.  Presently, however, our planet seems to have symptoms of terminal cancer.

The first letter of the acronym “NEWSTART” stands for Nutrition. After cleansing the body, we should partake of good nutrition.  Let’s consider protein, for example. What are the best sources of protein-meat, milk, beans & legumes.   In China, I noticed that the diet included a high intake of meat, deep fried foods and at least 30 eggs per week.  The reasoning behind this high consumption was the belief that these items were so nutritious.  

Although these items may contain several nutrients, there are other components of these foods that render them unhealthy.  Eating a large quantity of meat is not advantageous to health. The fat content in meat thickens the blood vessels and impedes the circulation.

Grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts contain a wide variety of powerful substances that not only maintain health, but prevent and even reverse disease conditions.  Use salt sparingly; cook your vegetables with a little bit of salt.      

Vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, carrot and tomato contain antioxidants; antioxidants remove poisonous substances that are in the blood stream. In place of meat, choose more of the above mentioned foods; these will act as “soap” and a “scrub brush” to remove internal impurities.

In my experience, you can achieve lower blood pressure in just a month, simply by changing your eating habits (if the elevated blood pressure is not caused by stress).  In diabetic conditions, if the cell door is opened again and reactivated, then the glucose can be utilized again as it should be and the condition will improve.

The second letter of “NEWSTART” stands for Exercise. Physical activity improves blood circulation.  In the wintertime, after running around the track, you feel hot. This is due to the warm blood being pumped out of your heart into the peripheral blood vessels. Good circulation is dependent upon exercise. Today, it is customary for people to not only eat a lot, but to be sedentary. Instead of walking, they opt to drive their cars everywhere.

Water is the third letter represented in “NEWSTART.”  Just as shower water washes away impurities from the skin, so does drinking water flush out toxins from within the body. Water is distributed throughout all our cells and serves as the medium through which accumulated wastes are excreted via the urine.  Drinking water is like taking an “internal shower.”  The goal is to drink at least 8 glasses per day. 

Sunshine is the fourth letter  of “NEWSTART.”  Regular sun exposure allows the body to produce adequate Vitamin D.  This vitamin aids our immune system.  Working in the rice paddies, underneath the sun’s rays, is a healing remedy.   

Temperance is the fifth letter of “NEWSTART.” Temperance is moderation in all areas of life-whether it be diet, exercise, water usage, etc. Too much of even a good thing is not good! Carrots are healthful, but if one drinks carrot juice morning, noon and night, it becomes excessive. Overeating is harmful because it burdens the system; excessive intake of vitamin supplements will stress liver function.

The sixth letter of “NEWSTART” is Air. Fresh air is vital and deep breathing is essential in order to obtain the life giving force of this element. At Salem Institute, we take you outdoors to walk in the fresh, invigorating air. Maintaining good air ventilation throughout your home, particularly your sleeping quarters, will bring about a refreshed state of mind and mood.  

The seventh letter of “NEWSTART” is Rest. Just as machinery needs to be turned off to allow for a period of rest, so does our own “machinery” need rest. Early to bed and early to rise is a

rule to live by-the hours sleeping before midnight are twice as important as the hours after midnight. A weekly rest during the Sabbath hours is also essential as it provides not only physical refreshment, but spiritual refreshment, as well.

And last, but not least, is the eighth letter-T-for Trust in God.

I have tried the path of conventional medicine. I have sought its “wisdom,” but in vain. I found no cure in traditional modalities.

However, the 8 natural “doctors” of “NEWSTART,” are effective remedies for regaining one’s health.  The critical component in the healing process, though, is that you trust in the ultimate Healer, God, Himself and in His prescribed methods of natural healing.  Trust and faithful adherence to the program will give you a new start, indeed!   

Interestingly, an American medical study reported that the best cancer treatment is not to treat the patient at all-and they will live for at least five years.  But if conventional treatments are used, such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, then the patient will live an average of two more years. 

This is not to say that the cancer patient should not utilize healing modalities and remedies to slow or even halt the progression of disease. Such healing treatment should be wisely considered and implemented. We are to take advantage of God ordained methods of healing.  

The environment is in many places covered with trash material from human sewage. We go to the beach for a picnic, and we leave our used items upon the ground. How are we to deal with this problem? Can the toxic mess be eliminated by spraying some type of “medicine” all over it? Of course not. The solution is to either clean it up ourselves or to leave it alone for nature to deal with.  I have seen the latter happen in one area I visited, after a period of about 5 years. Indeed, nature had by that time, taken care of itself.   

To illustrate again: If food is left out after a meal, several flies will gather around it. Will spraying an insect repellant remove the dirty flies? No. The leftover food must be removed first, then the repellant may be sprayed. Those who think that popping pills will cure their poisoned systems do not realize that this form of medicine is a symptomatic treatment-not a form yielding lasting healing.   

Now, let me address the appropriate, best type of cancer treatment. First, let’s begin with diet. As mentioned earlier, meat is not a healthy dietary staple. Eliminate animal products from your daily meals.  In the case of liver cancer, it is better not to take protein. Cancer is  due  to  protein  going  “crazy”  in  the  system

Protein is composed of nitrogen.  When protein metabolizes, it produces ammonia as a byproduct.  (Carbohydrate and fat do not metabolize to ammonia.) An impaired liver, however, cannot remove ammonia.  What will happen to cancer patients who choose to continue eating animals foods?    

My uncle had liver cancer and was told that eating bats would be a cure. He believed it and ate dried bats frequently. He became more ill and went into a coma due to the ammonia buildup in his body.  The liver was too damaged to break the ammonia down.

When he informed his doctor of his constant fatigue, it was recommended that he eat meat to regain strength.

However, one should avoid even eating eggs in that condition. If one is in a growing phase and does not have a liver problem then eating eggs might be all right. Yet, it would be wisest to obtain protein from vegetable sources.

The second aspect of proper cancer treatment is adequate oxygen consumption.  Cancer patients need plenty of oxygen. Cancer cells cannot function very well when the oxygen supply is abundant. Instead of staying in a hospital room for most of the day, cancer patients should go outdoors for ample oxygen and sunshine.  

Thirdly, vitamins received from whole, fresh foods should be part of the cancer regimen. Vitamin supplements are not the ideal, for they are not in the form nature intended. Vitamins help the immune system-one  way is by strengthening the T lymphocytes. Plenty of fruits and vegetables should be consumed since they are excellent vitamin sources. A stroll in the sunshine will allow for the production of vitamin D.

A fourth aspect of appropriate cancer therapy is the application of heat. 

Here we see two different types of cells. One is a normal cell; the other is a cancer cell.  The normal cell is supplied with abundant blood vessels, but the cancer cell is not thus supplied. Cancer cells grow well without adequate blood supply or nutritional supplement; this can be a weakness for the cancer cell because they lack power to dissipate heat.

If a hot fomentation treatment is administered, the normal cells will have good circulation and diffuse heat, but the cancer cells cannot handle heat even half as much.  The normal cells won’t get damaged, but the cancer cells will become severely damaged.  

While in China, I witnessed the reality of this. Mrs. Im, who held a high position in the country among the Korean people, was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She was scheduled to have surgery, but before her scheduled operation, we visited.

Her mother, an attendee of our church, had pleaded with her, “Just come and listen to him before your surgery.” However, since her daughter was a graduate of biological science, she was very skeptical. “Why would a church  take interest in a patient such as myself?  What I’ve heard sounds suspicious.” “Oh but please, listen to him just for me,” her mother pleaded. Finally, the mother contacted me so I went to visit her myself.

As I explained the concepts to her, she very quickly understood-her scientific background enabled her to do so.  She canceled the surgery and stayed at home instead.

Initially, she was planning to stay with us for only a week, but she then extended her stay to two weeks. Upon returning home, she followed the principles of New Start and continued the hot fomentation treatments. The mass of the tumor was quite big and she could feel the lump, but slowly the mass disappeared. Currently, she is well and has even been promoted to a higher position than before.

The cancer cell is susceptible to heat therapy, so as long as you can bear it, apply hot fomentations on the impacted site. This is a good treatment.

Through the New Start Program we may help to cure diseases, which are caused by a faulty lifestyle. Some of the modern diseases are more complicated. When I was in China, I could not afford to have a place for a New Start program center, so wherever people needed me, I would go and teach them these principles. I called myself a mobile New Start clinic. As I visited these patients, I wrote very detailed notes as to time to get up, a cold shower after massage, drink warm water, have a good healthy breakfast, and a hot fomentation treatment at 10:00am, how many hours to walk, a good lunch and so on. I posted my recommendations so that they were visible. Then all I needed to do was to check on them to see if they were following through with my recommendations.

Most of them who took my recommendations got well after 2 weeks. It was amazing to see the Chinese people get well so easily. Eventually the Seventh Day Adventist Church in that area was known as a health center church. As time went by members from the Sunday churches came to get treated. So I thought this would be a very convenient time to share the message. We did not have to cook since they came to practice cooking healthy food. We would check on them periodically to make sure they followed our recommendations in their lifestyle. Later on I took the opportunity to teach them the Bible for about an hour. They were eager to learn the Bible instead of the health message. Most of the problems among these Chinese people were not stress related. Eating too much fried food and unhealthy meat products like pork were the cause. Another cause of disease is overeating. But the Korean people have more complicated causes because we live in a more complicated environment. I have observed changing eating habits doesn’t work very well in Korea.

First, how would you handle the stress? Stress is caused by not resting after a long period of work. For example, no matter how well you eat, if you don’t exercise well and don’t get exposure to a lot of sunshine, I find that it doesn’t work. The heartache that is caused by stress medicine cannot help. The doctor will diagnose it as a psychosomatic disorder. How would you handle this problem?

Let’s read Matthew 11:28.

“Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Jesus says, “All ye that labor and are heavy laden” come unto whom? He said, “Come unto me.” Let me ask you this. You are sitting and I am standing, who is feeling more comfortable? Of course you are more comfortable. But who is more comfortable than you?

The person who is lying in bed, right? If we have something to support our weight we will feel more comfortable.

What about our mind? Would that be the same case? We will find peace and comfort when we lean on something. It doesn’t happen by our own efforts.  

The thinking of being comfortable won’t make us comfortable, we need some action. We should sit down when we are tired and be comfortable. Our mind acts the same way. No matter how much we want to be comfortable, our environment doesn’t leave us alone.

Our mind also finds comfort when we sit or lie down. Who shall we lean on? The answer is Jesus.

For instance, would you look at this? What is the meaning of this Chinese character? “我” It means myself. This character is the compound  of  “扌=手(hand)” plus “戈(spear). Myself means ‘holding a spear’. It sounds like, “Don’t you touch me! If you do you won’t be all right.” This character seems to describe us perfectly.

We are holding a spear in our hand, very tense because we think someone might want to trouble us. It is how we are. It is enough for us to eat three meals a day, wear clothes, live in a 20 Pyung (=720 sq ft) small room, or not even that big, a 10 Pyung (=310 sq ft) smaller room, for two of us to stay is enough, but why ask for more? Just to graduate from junior high school might be sufficient to survive in this  world. Many parents just finished grade school and they raised 8 or 9 children in worse conditions than today, and yet they were happy.

If you visit my old house in the countryside, you will find there are only two rooms. There were six of us living there. I couldn’t believe we were all raised in that small place. Perhaps we do not

need higher education to be happy. But we strive to achieve higher education. It is because we don’t want to be looked down upon by other people. Isn’t this pitiful? Actually this is how we are.

We struggle through life without peace in our hearts, nowhere to turn for help or hope for better life. That is a source of stress and tension by which poisonous substances

accumulate in the body. In China traveling by train takes a long time and it is common to ride for 20 to 40 hours. There are first class and second class compartments. If we purchased a first class ticket we could get a place to lie down, but for the second class tickets we would just get a seat during the ride. The cost of a first class ticket is about double the price of a second class ticket. Why do people pay for the first class ticket? Because it would be much more comfortable. Once I was traveling in a train for 35 hours and it was miserable. No matter how well dressed we were in the beginning, by the end of the travel everyone looked messy and sometimes we leaned on a stranger’s shoulder.  Some of them were sleeping in a corner without realizing where they were. 

Our body felt more comfortable when we laid down on our back. But our mind can be uncomfortable even though we are sitting in a soft sofa. We cannot depend on the comfortable sofa or nice bed, for us to have comfort in our hearts. We have to lean on our God. In these days people suffer more from mental stress than physical labor.

Looking back on my younger days, my father bought a piece of rice paddy field that was up on a hillside. I had to push the wagon to take the fertilizer and  often times I slipped backward. At that time I was only 14 years old and as I had to push the wagon, I complained a lot to my father.

My sister had to fetch the water from the well and the pail was leaky so she had to wipe off her face as she brought it home. We cooked rice with it.

Today we have water faucets inside most houses and whenever we need water we just turn on the faucet. What about the fire? All you have to do is turn on the stove.

The days we had to burn charcoal in the furnace are history. Laundry is done by a washing machine. But my sister and other ladies had to break the ice at the frozen stream and wash the clothes in the icy cold water. This is stress and yet many did not know what it meant to be stressed.

When evening came we were mending our socks under a small light bulb, and we were so tired and sleepy and we dozed off quickly. In the morning we got up all refreshed and went back to fetch more water. As a routine we stepped on the pedal mill. Physically we had a much harder life in the past. And it was not comparable to these days. Yet people keep saying it is harder to live today.

Are we having diabetes, hypertension and depression because of a hard life? No, it is not the physical hardship but the mental hardship.

So when Jesus spoke about the mental hardship, He was the expert,  “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Just as our body needs a sofa or a comfortable bed to sleep on, our mind also needs to find a comfortable place to rest. But we thought we could rest after we attained our higher education, big savings account or own rental apartments. But when our mind is not at peace, it doesn’t help us. Sometimes even our children cannot help us. We realize that we need to look for comfort in some other places rather than our nice bed, apartment or the savings account.

Jesus told us, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” So I tested for myself, is He really the one who we can depend on? For instance, is the size of this

apple big or small? Some may say it is small and others may say it is big. If the smaller apple is  in place of the big apple, it looks small and vice versa. This is the  way that Jesus led us to take a

rest. Let’s read 2 Corinthians 8:9.

  “For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich.” 2 Corinthians 8:9

Because I did not have much I was depressed. Why, I don’t own a house and I have looked around for a cheaper rental place to live in. We moved from place to place so many times. But I realized that Jesus our Savior was born in a manger. When He was about 30 years old He envied the birds that had a nest to go back to. And He said, “The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.” (Matthew 8:20)

If He did not have any place to stay at the age of 30 years old, isn’t He the one who failed in His life? But, ladies and gentleman, He had comfort and helped others more than anyone else in the world. When I compare myself to Him, I have plenty and I shouldn’t complain. As I look at Jesus’ life, He was poor and despised by many people; my thoughts about myself have changed. I felt like I reached a nirvana stage. I felt like I was enlightened. I was released from avarice, covetous desires, and greed. I was shameful of my past with them.

The Son of God was born in the manger and He had only one outfit on Him when He was crucified. Yet I was complaining about not having enough… When I compare myself with Him I

felt rich. Have I attained spiritual enlightenment? Yes, that is right.

Zaccheius was an ordinary man like us, he was enlightened when he met Jesus. The Buddhist spiritual leader monk Sung-Chul said he stayed up for 10 years without lying down and another 10 years without speaking. But we do not need to do this. The Buddhist teachings tell us that we must try hard to reach a certain stage.

But the Christians are taught, it doesn’t matter whether you are a thief or a cheater, or a prostitute, when you meet Jesus you will find that Heaven is right there. This means we will then attain our enlightenment once we accept him. Jesus is the answer.

Let us study about over exertion. What is over exertion? Exertion happens when we want to be successful, compete and be better than others, want to have the best, or want to win a gold medal.

That is over exertion. What did the Bible say, studying too much will only make us tired. Let’s study what the Bible mentioned about money. 1 Timothy 6:7

“For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. And having food and garment we will be content with that.” 1 Timothy 6:7

We came to this earth empty and we will leave this earth empty.

Why do we need to compete with each other? We cannot take what we have with us when we leave. God is telling us not to be greedy. We are just passing through this world.

Heaven is waiting for us and God will take us to our everlasting place that He has gone to prepare for us. So go and help other people if you can and trust the  Lord and have hope in Heaven. Let us live meaningful lives and keep peace in our hearts. This is what God wants of us. I spoke about the New Start program today and I wish all of you to start a new life and be blessed abundantly.


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